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Dog Poop Clean Up in AZ

Dog Poop Clean up in Arizona

Maggie's is the longest running Dog Poop Clean Up company in Phoenix metro and surrounding areas like Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, and we provide Dog poop clean up in Mesa and Tempe. We scoop dog poop at residential homes as well as multifamily apartments and HOA communities.   

 When you choose Maggie's Pet Waste removal you are choosing a truly local professional dog poop clean up service that has stood the test of time. We have a vested interest and long term outlook in providing you with the best pet and dog poop removal services in Arizona. With our service there will be no surprises. We clean on the same day each week, so you will always know it is our company showing up and cleaning your yard. We disinfect tools and we lock all gates. Your dog can be outside at the time of poop pick up. Unlike the franchises Maggie's is a true Arizona based company and our business supports our local economy. Whether you choose Maggie's, or another company when choosing your Pooper Scooper service, make sure to choose a licensed, insured, professional, reliable company.  You will be sure to find all of these qualities when choosing Maggie's Pet Waste Removal. Our service is 100% guaranteed. 

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