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Gilbert Pet Waste Removal

Gilbert Pet Waste Removal has been provided professionally by Maggie's Pooper Picker Uppers Pet Waste Removal company, valleywide, since 2002.

Why Maggie's Pooper Picker Uppers Pet Waste removal Pooper scooper service is the best choice for you and your dog or pet?
Maggie's Pooper Picker Uppers is one of the valley's original, professional, full time, companies still in business today. There is only one other company, an independent scooper, in the Phoenix Metro area serving Gilbert that has been in business as long as Maggie's Pooper Picker Uppers.

Maggie’s Pooper Picker Uppers provides the city of Gilbert pooper scooper and pet waste removal services for residential homes, apartments, HOA communities, hotels, rv parks and dog parks in all areas in and around Gilbert Arizona.  Maggie’s Pet Waste removal offers multi day per week dog poop scooper service, weekly pooper scooper service, every other week pet waste removal services, monthly, and other intervals of pet waste removal for multifamily Apartment and HOA managers.  We have been providing dog poop removal service for clients in Gilbert for almost 10 years now and Maggie’s Pooper Picker Uppers Pet Waste Removal is one of the largest full time pooper scoopers in the Phoenix metro valley.  We clean up pet waste valley wide in Gilbert and surrounding cities and are one of the few full time independent pooper scooper pet waste removal companies in the valley. We strive to bring our Gilbert clients the best service in the pet waste removal industry and that is one reason we have survived throughout the years here in Phoenix while other full time and part time dog poop removal services have come and gone. If you are searching for a reputable pooper scooper service and you live in Gilbert Arizona and would like more information on Maggie’s pet waste removal rates please click on the link and contact us to see what we have to offer.

Maggie's is proud to offer: 

  • Gilbert Pick up of pet waste already scooped for HOA's, Apartments and Condos, so the dog poop does not stink up your HOA trash can.
  • We offer cat litter box clean up.
  • One time cleanings and emergency pooper scooper service in Gilbert, AZ and Phoenix metro areas
  • Twice a week pooper scooper service
  • Three times a week pooper scooper service
  • We provide Weekly Pet waste removal in Gilbert
  • Bi-weekly dog and animal  Pet waste clean up
  • Monthly grounds cleaning and pooper scooper pet waste removal for Gilbert Apartments and HOA managers
  • Quarterly pooper scooper pet waste removal service for Apartments and HOAs in and around Gilbert
  • Deodorizing odor for Dog runs and yards
  • Sales of Dogipot, Mutt Mitt, Poopy Pouch Dog Pick-up biodegradable waste bags and pet waste stations 
  • Dogipot Pet Waste stations and installation for HOAs, Dog Parks, Hotels, and Apartments as well as other brands
  • Fly treatment and dog urine deodorizer 
  • Pet Waste clean up and pooper scooper products
  • Pooper Scooper for dog, pet, animal events and Parade route clean up
  • Multifamily, Apartment, HOA, Dog Park and Hotel pet waste and pooper scooper clean up services

 If you don't find what you need here contact us. We may be able to provide you with a solution to your Arizona Pet Waste and pooper scooper needs.

     Maggie's Pooper Scoopers will give your dog or pet a treat if permissable, we make sure to shut all gates, Scoopers disinfect all tools after each cleaning, and unlike some others we remove and haul the pet waste away from your home, so you don't have to smell dog poop all week in your garbage.

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